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Cosmetic brand  «YUNELLA»

Each of us certainly always wants to look perfect. Men want to see beautiful, smart and always young-looking ladies next to them. As they say, a woman is a man's calling card. In this regard, two successful businessmen, who are sensitive to their family values, came up with the idea to contribute to natural cosmetics, which can become a panacea in the eternal pursuit of youth. strong and courageous companions. As you may have guessed, they became the founders of the YUNELLA cosmetic brand. The company has announced a competition to study and effective natural cosmetics that resist age-related skin changes. The best laboratories and developers in Israel were involved.

A reasonable question arises: why develop something new, if the current cosmetic lines have already been launched and are successful? The answer is simple - innovative technologies in the production of cosmetics keep pace with the growing needs of modern women. And here everything is taken into account: the importance of discovering even more effective components and complexes that have an undeniable effect on the health of the skin, its features in the conditions of the rhythm of life, ecology and other factors of influence.

Taking all this into account, it was decided to create a conceptually new unique lifting complex for the care of the skin of the face, eyelids and neck. For 4 years, we studied innovative technologies in the production of cosmetics, the latest methods of processing natural ingredients to achieve a result. By the end of 2019, the concept of a unique anti-aging care was used. Its main feature is the ability to provide a targeted effect on every skin problem and get visible results of rejuvenation without injections and surgery.

The developers of the YUNELLA cosmetic line have managed to combine together a unique synergistic formula, which includes Dead Sea minerals, Botox-like myorexalant, a mineral and vitamin complex, various natural activators and extracts to achieve an effective result in stimulating the skin of the face, eyelids and neck. to regeneration.

The history of the YUNELLA cosmetic brand is just being written, but its name is already gaining momentum in the beauty industry both in Russia and in European countries. The process of creating an innovative lifting complex is comparable to the creation of magic, seasoned with the amazing gifts of the Dead Sea, the effect of which every woman can already appreciate! The first cosmetic line "YUNELLA" consists of amazing products aimed at solving several urgent problems of the skin of the face, eyelids and neck, elimination entail truly wonderful transformations!

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