Boosting Serum
against mimic “crow's feet” wrinkles and the forehead area
Natural Muscle Relaxant & Anti-Age components

This unique serum is made using the synergetic formula based on the natural relaxant, Squalane and the Antioxidant set of herbal extracts that enables significant decreasing of “crow's feet” wrinkles depth in the area of eyes, forehead and frown lines. The unique formula of this serum has the muscular relaxing effect that is the natural care alternative to Botox injections. The serum has the accumulating effect resulting into decreased contraction of facial muscles. The skin acquires elasticity, wrinkles become less noticeable, the sweat discharge on the face decreases. The visible effect can be seen immediately but it should be applied not less than for 4 consecutive days to achieve the best effect. It is used to care for mimic wrinkles in the eye and forehead areas.

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