gold lifting care

Components of this set form an original cocktail to recover skin freshness and vigor.
The active component of this care is the Multi-mineral energy shot – the synergetic set based on Dead Sea minerals, Squalane, Vitamins and natural antioxidant herbal extracts. Micro-elements play the proven role in metabolism. They provide for regular metabolic processes. The skin consumes energy to sustain all of its biological functions, for example, immune protection system and cell renewal. The age brings decreased energy boosters in the skin that results into decreased general metabolism, decreased structural synthesis of wholesome Collagen and decreased cell renewal process. Thus, it is important to boost up cell viability via balanced supply of the mineral energy. Minerals of this set, Dead Sea Minerals, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium boost up the cell via increased energy balance and general metabolism.

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This set has the powerful activity for cleansing the skin from free radicals. The accumulated effect of these minerals provide for protective synergy to remove disorders related to free radicals. It prevents undesired discoloration, Squalane and Hyaluronic acid provide for oxygen and water metabolism in the skin. The natural-based set gives energy to regenerate the weary skin and provides it with elements needed to viability of cells and support of their functions, increases general metabolism, increases and helps to support skin protection.

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