Unique innovative technologies
Active natural anti-age ingredients
Synergetic Dead Sea mineral complex
Safe and painless care - an alternative to Botox injections

The set is made for intensive face, eyelids and neck stimulation in order to boost up skin elasticity. Innovative cosmetic technologies enable the target effect to each skin issue. The set includes various natural activators that increase their effect once combined and achieve the best result. After the skincare course your skin will have the healthy, glowing look and elasticity.

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The set includes:
  • natural fast-response Botox-like muscle relaxer
  • multi-mineral energy shot – the synergetic formula with Dead Sea minerals
  • natural extracts stimulating bio-mechanical functions of fibroblasts that have the effect
    on natural lifting properties of the skin
  • natural mineral and vitamin complex stimulating production of the wholesome Collagen..
The set provides for:
  • active protection against premature aging and environmental aggression
  • recovery of skin metabolism
  • increased face, neck and eye area elasticity
  • increased elasticity of face contours
  • decreased pouches under eyes
  • decreased depth of mimic wrinkles
  • control under muscle relaxation
  • decreased activity of facial sweat gland
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