remodeling face care

Based on the natural active formula that has the effect on natural lifting properties of the skin, boosts up its elasticity, significantly decreases wrinkles. The active ingredient is the combination of the herbal extract and the peptide mineral set. It supports stimulation of the recovery process in case of the skin damaged by the harmful UV radiation, enables smoothing of wrinkles and increases tone and elasticity.

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Activity of components:
  • stimulates activity of fibroblasts
  • increases cell dynamism
  • stimulates collagen synthesis, rearranges and strengthens its fibre network
  • strengthens the dermal structure and fights with signs of aging
  • stimulates bio-mechanical functions of fibroblasts
  • increases skin density, smoothness and
  • noticeably and quickly decreases appearance of wrinkles
  • provides the oxygen supply for the skin
  • smoothes up the skin micro-relief
  • removes flaccidity
  • supports acid and alkaline balance of epidermis
  • supports the physiological level of corneal moisturizing
  • improves skin turgor and elasticity
  • improves the barrier function of the skin
  • decreases the loss of moisture
  • activates the lipid metabolism
  • supports the skin local immunity
  • provides for good moisturizing
  • activates the water and salt metabolism
  • prevents appearance of pigment spots
  • has the calming effect on the skin
to improve the condition of facial contours
  • highly concentrated formula
  • innovative natural components
  • stimulates cell metabolism
  • stimulates collagen regeneration
  • provides for antioxidant protection
with intensive effect for face
  • recovery of skin elasticity
  • intensive moisturizing
  • stimulation of skin regeneration
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